Slay the Brexit dragon

This St George’s day, help fight the Brexit dragon by joining the campaign to keep Britain in the EU.

The EU fighting for the rights and freedoms of women #IWD16

By Henrietta Clark International Women’s Day provides a good opportunity to celebrate the hard-won rights and freedoms that women enjoy as a result of the EU:  rights in the workplace, opportunities for jobs and helping the cause of women across the world.   The EU has always been committed to achieving gender equality both within Read more

Clean beaches are just the start of what the EU gives us

By Clare Moody, MEP for South West England and Gibraltar       Shadow Rapporteur on the Circular Economy file on Packaging Waste   The Rame Peninsula is a beautiful stretch of coastline in South East Cornwall.  If you can visit you will be rewarded with stunning walking and scenery. But in April last year Read more

Join us and help keep Britain in the EU!
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