The EU and the Environment

The UK has got a huge amount from our EU membership not least our cleaner air, cleaner beaches, and much stronger protection for our green spaces. It’s very simple. The environment in Britain is in a much better state now as a result of EU membership than it would have been if we hadn’t been Read more


New video asks, what has the EU ever done for us?

Watch this hilarious, but insightful, video clip about our EU membership and what it has done for us.   If you agree that Britain belongs at the heart of Europe, please… Support the campaign


Environmentalists For Europe has launched

On Feb 3, Environmentalists for Europe (E4E) Campaign was officially launched. The launch was held at the House of Lords supported by the European Movement. The campaign will ensure that the debate on EU membership will not only be about economics but also on the environmental implications. In the next few months E4E will not only Read more

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