Enfield for Europe march

Enfield For Europe are hosting a big Pro EU event on Saturday 25th February. This event is going to be a month before the big EU March in Central London, and will be great preparation this; as well as a fantastic opportunity to promote the March.

12pm: Meet outside Southgate Station (Piccadilly Line) for a peaceful protest to show support for the EU. Feel free to bring posters, flags etc. if you have any! Refreshments and Snacks will be provided. We are also planning to have music, so should be quite an event!

We will be forming a circle around Southgate Station, and making a YouTube Video so need as many people as possible to attend this event – but of course, being in the video is optional!

12:15pm: Join the Enfield For Europe Team with leafleting and petitions outside Southgate Station. There will also be an opportunity to do some campaigning which relates to getting Pro EU Candidates elected.

2pm: If you like, join us for lunch at a local Café

We look forward to meeting you outside Southgate Station at 12pm on the 25th. Please RSVP by sending an email to Progressives4ldn@gmail.com

Venue: outside Southgate Station at 12pm on the 25th