Europe Dinner Day [Leicestershire European Movement]

Thursday 11th May 2017
Approx 7pm – onwards
Location TBC
(Stay tuned for further details)


We will be joined by the National Chair of the European Movement, Stephen Dorrell and Nicky Morgan M.P.

Many of you will remember Stephen as M.P for Loughborough and then Charnwood. During his distinguished career he served as Secretary of State for National Heritage and Health in John Major’s Govt. Nicky has also of course also served in Govt until very recently. She has been very supportive of a positive British role in Europe.

Europe Day dates back to 1950 after a speech by Robert Schuman the French Foreign Minister . Its is celebrated on the 9th May. He advocated a European co operation that wd make war in Europe unthinkable. Of course everyone agrees with ‘peace’ in Europe. However Schuman’s genius, originally Churchill’s idea too, was in working together.


Venue: TBC