National March to Parliament

National march to Parliament

Saturday 25th March 2017
11am, Park Lane, London

We want to remain in the European Union!

We value the peace, friendships, relationships, rights, business & academic collaborations, economic prosperity and outward-looking attitude that European Union membership delivers; it’s best for the UK.

What can the march achieve?

Brexit can be stopped.

We can embolden our elected representatives. The vast majority of our MPs support our membership of the European Union, but are being railroaded into a catastrophe by reckless and incompetent leadership. There is a long, unpredictable, road ahead that Parliament will have some (hopefully much!) control over; they need to know just how many votes there are in adopting a pro-EU position. With our vocal support, they can stop brexit.

We can change minds. As the damage of an impending Brexit reveals itself over the coming months, we can help sway public opinion with our demonstration of support for the European Union and all its benefits.

We can send a message of goodwill to our European friends and neighbours.

Why 25th March 2017?

Unite for Europe is timed to coincide with the UK Government’s stated intention to trigger Article 50 by the end of March 2017.

25th March 2017 is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Economic Community.

Everybody who wants to must be able to attend this march. March 25th allows expats and those in more far-flung regions of the UK time to arrange their transport to London. Additionally, if Unite for Europe were held sooner, the wintery weather of January and February would pose a risk to the success of the march.

​What’s the route?

We will be marching to Parliament. The exact route will be finalised when we have an indication of the number of marchers attending. The march will begin at Park Lane outside the Hilton (London, W1K 7TN), or Trafalgar Square (London, WC2N 5DN) if you have a mobility restriction (see The March Route). Look out for updates here, on the Unite for Europe Facebook and Twitter accounts, and in the national press.

​What should I bring?

Colourful flags or banners. Unite for Europe is about the future of the entire United Kingdom, so we would love you to bring items that represent your local identity (e.g. county banners or Union flags) to wave alongside your EU flag or banner.

Layers of clothing, including waterproofs. Wear blue and yellow if you can!

Snacks and (non-alcoholic) drinks.

How can I get to Unite for Europe?

Please visit our travel hub for details on how to get to the march and travel advice.

Venue: Park Lane, London, W1K 7