High Court ruling ensures Parliament remains Sovereign

European Movement UK welcome today’s High Court ruling confirming that Parliament must be allowed a vote on triggering Article 50.

The decision means that despite PM Theresa May’s previous announcement that she will begin the process of leaving the EU by the end of March 2017, Parliamentary sovereignty must be respected and MPs given the opportunity to debate and decide on the matter. With the Leave side of the referendum having argued for months that we need to return more power to Parliament, we gladly welcome the chance for MPs to challenge the Prime Minister’s promise of a ‘hard Brexit’ without any mandate for doing so.

Not only does the ruling confirm that the unprecedented scale of the move to leave the EU is not within the powers of the government, it also means that the ‘Brexit’ department headed by David Davies must engage with elected representatives over the process and ensure they have a say what Brexit really means.

European Movement UK Chair Richard Corbett MEP said:

“The decision reached today is a positive step. Leave argued throughout the campaign that our Parliament should be sovereign, and the decision by the High Court ensures that it remains so. The government must think carefully about what it does next, as the hard, destructive Brexit they seem to be pursuing is not what the general public voted for. It is important that Parliament also has the ability to vote on the deal that the government reaches with Europe, and we continue to call for this.”

European Movement spokesperson and former Health Secretary Stephen Dorrell said:

“The European Movement has long called for greater scrutiny of the government’s plans as it enters negotiations with Europe. The vote in June was indeed a vote to leave Europe, but it is absolutely right that Parliament should have the opportunity to scrutinise and vote on the terms on which our exit is negotiated and Article 50 is triggered.”

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