Owen Smith is right on Europe

Labour leadership contender Owen Smith has spoken up for millions of Brits in his calls for a referendum on the terms of Brexit.

Speaking on Wednesday, Mr Smith said the British people were “lied to” by those campaigning to leave the EU and they deserve to have a say on the terms of the exit.

He told BBC Radio 5 live: “It would be irresponsible of Theresa May to simply trigger Article 50 and sleepwalk out… Labour still believes that we should be a part of the European Union.”

Owen Smith is the only Labour candidate to back European Movement UK’s calls for a referendum on the terms of Brexit. The move gives hope to the millions who want to maintain the workers’ rights, environmental protections, freedom of movement and access to the single market – success stories the UK built as part of the EU.

This issue is easily resolved, and we want for all political leaders and leadership candidates to back a referendum on Brexit. European Movement UK calls on Jeremy Corbyn to join his rival in backing the referendum on Brexit – standing up for the 16 million who voted Remain in June.

While the British people voted Leave by a slim majority, they were given no indication of what that would look like. The central claim was £350m a week more for the NHS – what if that doesn’t happen? Where else would be a contract be binding if the central claims were broken? That’s what we want to hear from our leaders.

If we can get a strong opposition backing our calls for a referendum on the terms of Brexit, then hopefully we will see Prime Minister Theresa May joining the battle.

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