‘Save Our Citizenship’ campaign launched


European Movement UK has today launched its ‘Save Our Citizenship‘ campaign to petition the government to preserve EU citizenship for UK passport holders.

The campaign highlights the fact that no people have been stripped of their citizenship without either a war or that country ceasing to exist. The benefits of EU citizenship, such as the freedom to work and live across the EU, were supported by over 16 million ‘remain’ voters in the referendum last June and as such we’re asking Theresa May and the government to respect their desire to remain part of Europe after Article 50 is triggered.

The petition comes after Charles Goerens MEP from Luxembourg tabled a constitutional amendment asking that the EU consider adding an ‘associate citizenship’ for residents of former Members States who feel aligned to Europe.

The campaign has been backed by a number of other organisations including Scientists for EU, Britain for Europe and New Europeans.

You can sign the petition here:


A PDF version of the petition for running the campaign locally can be found here:

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