Stay in Europe to maximise UK prospects – Chatham House chief

The director of Britain’s leading foreign policy institute has said staying in Europe “offers Britain the best prospects of managing the rapidly changing global context”.

Dr Robin Niblett, director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (or ‘Chatham House’), described three principal advantages for Britain in retaining its role in Europe.

They are in the context of the UK’s foreign, security and international economic policies, Dr Niblett said.

He added that a decision by the UK to severe current ties to Europe, or ‘Brexit’, would result in a “mutually diminished settlement”.

In the report, Dr Niblett said being in Europe allows the UK to:

  1. Leverage the EU’s global economic weight to enhance UK economic interests.
  2. Retain influence over new EU initiatives to strengthen both British and European security.
  3. cooperate with other EU members to find joint solutions to shared problems.

Dr Niblett’s full report can be found here.

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