British Exit from the EU “would make a fortified Irish border inevitable”

  Denis Loretto, former chair of the Alliance Party in Northern Ireland, expresses his concerns about the potential damaging impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland peace process. “Never again” were the words that inspired European leaders to seek mutual partnership in the wake of the Second World War. In the ensuing 70 years the Read more

UK farming could be devastated by Brexit, reports reveals

A report by analysts Agra Group has found that the UK’s farming industry could be left devastated if the UK were to leave Europe. The report, Preparing for Brexit, states that only 10% of the most innovative and profitable UK farmers would be able to survive without the current level of European subsidies from the Common Read more

Stay in Europe to maximise UK prospects – Chatham House chief

The director of Britain’s leading foreign policy institute has said staying in Europe “offers Britain the best prospects of managing the rapidly changing global context”. Dr Robin Niblett, director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs (or ‘Chatham House’), described three principal advantages for Britain in retaining its role in Europe. They are in the context Read more

In one article, The Economist exposes the myths of Brexit

A leader article in The Economist has dismantled virtually the entire Brexit argument as a series of myths, ahead of the UK’s referendum on Europe. The article, ‘The reluctant European’, states that “the time has come” to expose the contradictions in the Eurosceptic case for leaving. “Fortunately, they are glaring,” the article adds. The article describes every part Read more

Farron: Brexit would damage every community in Britain

Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has listed the dangers of Brexit in a speech to conclude the Liberal Democrat conference in Bournemouth. He said a Britain outside Europe would be “weaker, more isolated and less able to defend its own interests”. “Leaving the European Union would damage every community in Britain. It would be a Read more


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