In Search of a Vision for Europe

Article written by Petros Fassoulas for   No matter what happens today, Europe’s leaders will be judged by history, not on how much they spent or saved, but for their vision, writes Petros Fassoulas. Petros Fassoulas is Secretary General of the European Movement International. When we thought we had seen it all, another twist in the Greek Read more

Open Letter to the People of Greece – from European Movement International

During Wednesday’s EMI Board meeting, members discussed the situation in Greece and upcoming referendum, and agreed to make an intervention in the  form of an open letter. The letter in full:   Dear friends, You stand before the most important decision of your country’s modern history. Up until now we left our politicians to deal with Read more

The only certainty is uncertainty

by Brendan Donnelly, Director of the Federal Trust and Treasurer of the European Movement UK During the referendum on voting reform in 2011, it was sometimes claimed by advocates of the present British electoral system, misleadingly known as “first past the post,” that it tended to produce definite outcomes, with clear Parliamentary majorities for the Read more


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