British Exit from the EU “would make a fortified Irish border inevitable”

  Denis Loretto, former chair of the Alliance Party in Northern Ireland, expresses his concerns about the potential damaging impact of Brexit on the Northern Ireland peace process. “Never again” were the words that inspired European leaders to seek mutual partnership in the wake of the Second World War. In the ensuing 70 years the Read more

Bank of England governor: UK in Europe is more dynamic

Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, has outlined the benefits of the UK remaining in Europe. Speaking at a Oxford University, he said the UK had become a more dynamic economy thanks to its membership of the European Union. The explained that dynamism was itself a measurable quality in economics, which meant the UK economy is: Read more

New poll reveals UK wants to stay

A new opinion poll on the EU referendum shows an increasing number of people want the UK to stay in Europe. The poll by ComRes says the proportion of people who want to “Remain” in Europe is now 19 points higher than those who want to “Leave”. The poll was commissioned by the Daily Mail. Read more

Join the pack! #Students4Europe is growing every day!

The grassroots student campaign to keep the UK in Europe has announced yet more campaign dates in universities up and down the country. Students4Europe, organised by students for students, is a chance for students to have their say in the Europe debate. Here are just some of the places we are taking the Students4Europe campaign Read more


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