The phoney war is over – here are 5 ways you can help NOW to keep Britain in Europe

The EU Referendum date hasn’t been announced but there’s no doubt the campaign to persuade the British public has already begun.

The campaign to remain at the heart of Europe has been building during the summer, including the European Movement’s pledge to recruit 100,000 volunteers. Meanwhile, the Brexit camp is now out of the starting blocks after Ukip announced their referendum roadshow.

Within just a few months, Britain could be choosing to continue its internationalist future as an active players in Europe based on cooperation, free trade and human rights or breaking that strong, productive relationship with our neighbours, sending us back to an era of isolation.

That’s why we’re urging people to think NOW about what they can do to take part in the referendum to safeguard our role in Europe and the numerous advantages it brings. Here are FIVE easy ways to get involved:

1. Sign up for campaign updates

Hit the letter icon at then top right of this page and keep up-to-date about the fight to keep Britain engaged in Europe.

2. Support on social media

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3. Share with friends

Tell family, friends and workmates today about why you’re passionate about the UK’s role in Europe.

Tell them how you want to save the jobs the EU has created or preserve the social and educational projects for it has funded. Tell them about the human rights and equality the EU enhances and the free movement it guarantees. Tell them why Ukip’s plans for isolation MUST be opposed.

4. Donate or join European Movement with membership

Become a member or a youth member here or donate via PayPal on the same page.

5. Volunteer to help with leaflets or canvassing

Either make contact via this website here or find one of the friendly branch organisers near you on this list.


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