Young people have the most to gain from the UK’s place in Europe

It’s clear that ordinary people across the UK benefit overwhelmingly from our membership of the European Union. Nowhere is this more abundantly clear than with young people.
If Brexit were to occur, young people would suffer disproportionately. It is because of this all young Britons must stand up and be counted. This is the campaign of our generation. Take part.
We are generation easy jet. I along with hundreds of thousands of others have grown up accustomed to popping on cheap flights and jetting off all over Europe. These holidays have been free from the hassle of visas courtesy of freedom of movement and with the EHIC card we do not need to worry about illness. However, these benefits must not be taken for granted. If we were to leave the EU the European labour legislation allowing the many low cost airlines to operate in the UK with such ease could be expunged from UK law. This mundane technicality would have a disastrous impact on our ability to have cheap and easily available trips to Europe. As for the visa free travel and healthcare, well it is inconceivable that after a messy divorce the Commission and the other Member States so humiliated by our departure would allow us to keep the benefits of EU membership without being an EU member.
We are generation Erasmus. I had the good fortune of taking part in the Erasmus exchange programme at the Humboldt University in Berlin. I would highly recommend any student reading this to have a year /semester at a European University. The people you meet and the memories you create will never leave you. If Brexit occurs the UK would not be a part of the Erasmus programme. Instead the government would have to resort to bilateral agreements which may not offer the same benefits that the current programme supported by the EU does. Once again, a boring technicality but one that people must be made aware of.
These benefits of freedom of travel and freedom to study dismantle the tired arguments that the EU offers no tangible positives for the British people. These benefits must be defended by those who gain most from them. That is us, this generation. This referendum is our chance to make history. Let’s seize it.

Article by Robert Heslop

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